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With a name based off a line from a musical about The Man which sometimes meets unfortunate implications, this troper is all about video games, good books (especially those... and those... and some of those every once in a while too) and a few cleverities and mishaps here and there.

Ear Worms I have encountered:

Has consolidated his geekdom as a Whovian. And now, a mini-rant about that: As a relatively young fellow, I first gained interest in the show after watching this video while searching Youtube Poop (not directly, as I had heard about the show several times before, but this was the main catalyst that got me to actually watch it). I checked the TV guide, then watched The Impossible Planet on BBC Entertainment a Sunday morning, and got hooked. Of course, I was a big fanboy of the new series for a while, but after I managed to find a consistent link to most of the classic series, I became an even bigger fanboy and pseudo-elitist. In any case, I'm your nerd.

Is currently in the process of preparing a short story series with a set of main characters based entirely on... himself. But how, you ask? Mini-rant time again... During childhood, I was certainly more cheerful than I care to remember... However, upon my entry to middle school, I started something of a gradual Character Development, at first growing exceedingly cold and distant... over time, I slowly got over it, passing through a Snark Knight phase, later in rehabilitation a Knight In Sour Armor, and after a long, 3-year self-therapy, I've become like a mix of The Chessmaster and The Stoic. Even today, people are surprised at how friendly the really quiet guy with the trenchcoat can be when you finally decide to talk to him.



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