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Wait a damn minute. We're primates! We use TOOLS!
''Blayde, on doing jobs by hand.

Some say he was a legend. Some say he was a complete Dork. Some say that he once accidently totaled a 1997 Honda Civic with naught but a roll of Duct tape, a pair of scissors, and 50 cubic yards of packing peanuts. Some people tell the last group to shut their traps as such a story is incredibly implausible. Some say he's a regular perviewer of Avatar The Last Airbender, Top Gear, Penny Arcade, and Veggie Tales, and the he is the mastermind behind I Sound Like A Retard In English. Some say that he is the official Loremaster for three different World Of Warcraft guilds, and that his Shaman once fought Saurfang to a stalemate before forfeiting when the chinese Takeaway arrived. Others claim he himself has broken the third, fourth and fifth walls, and is a part-time samurai in training, though most people mistake him for a ninja.


All we know is, He's called Blayde.


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