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A Grammar Nazi who mainly learns the rules of writing so that she can bend and break them where necessary. Needless to say, she is still working on that.

Currently writing a Meta Fiction series and using Tropes to make it better because, yes, TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life.

Author of Character Sketches, a collection of sketches for Madoka, which is found on Fanfiction.Net. She is also working on a couple of other fanfics for which she is very excited: Stuck In Reverse, which will follow Homura through timelines and explore the butterfly effect of that, and The Story of a Girl, a Noir fanfic which considers what might have happened if Chloe had been sent out as an amnesiac assassin prior to Kirika.


Loves a good Mind Screw.

Meyers-Briggs personality: Switches between ENFP, INFP, INTP, and ENTP. Probably more of the last two than the former two.

Used TVTropes to check whether or not she would like the following:

Also found the following wonderful as a result of TVTropes:

Plans to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion purely as a result of its consistency on TV Tropes.

This troper provides examples of:
  • Nice Hat - She collects them and is considering using Hat Shop as a checklist.

Example of: