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I'm Azuriyuu. Livin' in Seattle. Amateur writer. I tend to write porn, and I'm completely Unashamed of it. I also have a bloody huge headache, so I'll throw out some tropes that apply to me, drink some freaking caffine and get some freaking sleep.

Working on something cool and tropperiffic that you all will enjoy.

I hang out on the Umineko WMG page way too freaking much.

Pages this Troper started:

This idiot provides examples of:

  • Big Words: I'm too damn lazy to properly type up and spell the trope's full name.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: See above and there ya go.
  • Hot-Blooded: Occasionally turns this up to 11.
  • Not Good with People: Somewhat; Extremely good with animals and people who I know, and even with one or two people I don't know, but with groups of people I don't know... ehh...
  • Polyamory
  • Shoryuken: My answer to all of life's little problems.
  • The Stoic: Despite being hot blooded at times, also has a trouble expressing emotion with his face.
  • True Neutral / Neutral Good
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: "It's a friend's job to knock you down a few pegs, 'lest you rise to close to the sun and your wax wings melt."
  • You Fail Logic Forever: Invoked intentionally as a debate technique when I don't feel like playing fair.

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