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Well let's say I'm new and naive. I plan on leaving at that for awhile until I gain experience. I love everything anime or Animesque and that's all I feel like saying.

Tropes that apply to me

  • Book Dumb (This troper is really good at history and English but can't grasp other subjects well)

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! (I have oh what was I going to say again)

  • Shrinking Violet (I think everyone is out to hurt me in some way or another)

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  • Sweet Tooth (Get away from my gummy bears)

  • Spoiler Hound (I like to know the ending before I read or watch a movie)

  • Bifauxnen (Back when I had a short haircut and it really pissed me off)

  • Pollyanna (I'm always hopeful no matter what)


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