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Hi! I'm a 17 year old girl from Denmark, who've always been fond of analyzing media (I first came one-on-one with the term suspense curve through Goosebumps). So when I found this wiki, well, you know what happens... To strangers I may seem like The Daria, but to my friends I am really a Perky Goth. My first crush on a fictional character was directed at Merton from Big Wolf on Campus when I was a wee little one, and the first book I've ever read was The Neverending Story. A genre I have always loved is horror, you could even say I am a {{nightmare fetishist.}} I also enjoy sci-fi authors, like Ray Bradbury, Anthony Burgess and George Orwell(I am a more of a dystopia kind of girl, than a "live long and prosper"-type. I have had my horror stories published twice, and I hope it happens again in the future. You can catch me by the tv watching:

Some interesting movies are: Great books include: These authors are always a hit:

Well, thank you for reading my page, if you endured. I wish you more exciting adventures out there in Troperland! DISCLAIMER: My name has absolutely nothing to do with the metal band. Sorry metal fans.


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