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Tropers / Ajbcool

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A Troper.

Is hesitant about writing own page...

Is an semi-active player in We Are Our Avatars, with multiple characters (retired, though).

Loves to play video games. One of his favorites is Mardek. Cool game. People should check it out.

THE AWESOME FANTASTIC Vandalization Section

There a soft start for you.-Tuefel

I'll just leave this here... -Katsuun

Radda radda radda radda! - Shnitzel

I vandalized this page for the sheer hell of it, YAH HEAR ME! - Knighted


Finally, I can mess up your page by giving it UGLY RED. Hear me roar! -Parakaitz

But I don't think that red is gives some color to the page! Yeah! - Ajbcool

He's got the Nostalgia Filter screwed on tight. For better or for worse. - Hydronix

Ah. You must be Pinoy. I can tell because fashonista is something only Filipinos would say.


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