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If you're reading this then presumably you're really struggling to find a time killer, despite being on this site. Either that or you have something seriously wrong with you. Or both.

Anyway, I occasionally contribute to this delightful black hole of the internet, though when I do I primarily stick to Fan Fiction. Otherwise the only thing you need to know is that Brilliant, but Lazy would probably be the defining trope for my life, something I take great pride in. Deadpan Snarker would be a close second, and is a valuable service I perform for society.

Pages I've launched:

Pages I've heavily contributed to:

Tropes that apply to me:

  • Brilliant, but Lazy: And recognised for it by pretty much everyone that knows me.
  • Deadpan Snarker: The world needs more sarcasm and snark. I'm happy to do my part to provide this.
  • The Smart Guy: Unfortunately this also seems to translate to everyone else as "ask to help with whatever technical problems I have". Which usually involves Google searching for the answer and then following a fairly simple process.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Certainly on occasions.