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Trivia / What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years

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  • Science Marches On: Considering the fact that it's a book that tries to predict the future, it's a given:
    • The article assumes that air travel will be done by dirigibles, and would be rather limited in scope. Airplanes wouldn't be invented until after it was written.
    • Hydro-electricity is posited to be the primary source of power for all civilization. The article was written before the discovery of nuclear energy, which is much more feasible for providing our power needs than water. While hydro-electricity is used in some locations, these tend to only be where there's a convenient waterfall or dammed river to take advantage of nearby.
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    • The article assumes that pests like flies and mosquitoes would be exterminated, and that swamplands would be filled in. Since the article's writing, we've learned much about the ecosystem and how much of a role both those things play in it, and exterminating mosquitoes or flies, while maybe possible, is not something today's scientists would seriously consider.