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Trivia / Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

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  • Fandom Rivalry: Closer to being a full-blown intrafandom war. While most sub-faction votes were respected, the actions of Raven Guard supporters caused things to get a little... heated. To quote one general explanation:
    "Kanthric, the bitter argument in this thread has gone on for too long, and I didn't read it all. Can you summarise?"

    A group of Raven Guard fans, Salamanders fans and Imperial Fists detractors banded together and, after a quick poll, begun to urge Iron Hands voters to back the Raven Guard. Their stated reason is often to ensure a closer contest, given the tendency for the Fists to win fan polls, but the practical effect is to try to stop the Fists being voted in and get the Raven Guard elected in their place.

    The Imperial Fists fans are spitting blood at this betrayal. They're arguing that it's fundamentally wrong to encourage people to rally against any chapter, and that votes should be made positively. They'd like the Iron Hands fans to vote for the Iron Hands. Of course, they'd like to win the vote, and uniting Iron Hands and Raven Guard voters together behind a single chapter would lower their chances.

    The Raven Guard fans are somewhat on the fence. Some are protesting that this isn't the kind of support they want or the campaign they want to win, but others are keeping quiet and whistling innocently. Of course, they'd like to win the vote, and this campaign is increasing their chances.

    The Iron Hands fans are ready to inflict another gene-seed burning spree on the Raven Guard for this betrayal, arguing passionately and compellingly that trying to commandeer the support of the Iron Hands is despicable; they're not commodities to be marketed at and influenced, they're not Fists haters, they're Hands fans. And their chances didn't deserve to be written off based on a 6% difference in support from the Raven Guard in a single poll. Most don't expect to win the vote, but they do expect to be given the chance to win it or lose it with dignity and demonstrate support for the chapter as a future expansion.

    The Eldar fans are staying aloof with mocking grins. The Orks are getting stuck in and clouting whoever they feel like in the brawl. And Chaos players are smirking on the sidelines with cool beers and popcorn, dismissively waving away requests for support from the Fists, and getting all the entertainment they can out of their front row seats for the second Imperial Civil War.
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  • Promoted Fanboy: The lead developers have stated that much of the team consists of Warhammer fans who are enthusiastic that they can now make their hobbies into jobs.

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