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Trivia / The Twilight Zone (2019) S1 E1 "The Comedian"

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  • Genius Bonus: Several characters mention how the sign for "Eddies Comedy Club" has a note attached to it reading "No apostrophes." This is a reference to the literary term apostrophe, where a speaker addresses someone who is dead, making the note a warning to Samir.
  • Prop Recycling: The ventriloquist dummy seen in the background of the green room is the actual dummy used in the episodes The Dummy and Caesar and Me. It is owned by David Copperfield, and was lent to the show under the condition that the magician would be referenced in the episode. Samir name drops him when talking to J.C. Wheeler the second time.
    Samir: I wanted to be the next Chris Rock, not... evil David Copperfield!
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  • Writing Against Type: Alex Rubens, writer for Key & Peele, Community, and Rick and Morty wrote this episode.

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