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  • The Other Darrin: In the 1st episode of Season 1, Ruth Ann was played by Elizabeth Poyer and Steven Floyd was played by Benj Thall. These actors were only used in the pilot, and in the other 19 episodes the characters appeared in, Ruth Ann was played by Anna Slotky and Steven Floyd was played by Aaron Michael Metchik.
  • Out of Order: The way the episodes were aired and are numbered (see or contradicts internal chronological flow, in both Season 1 and 2. The most obvious examples:
    • Season 1: The Ice Princess, ep. 14, is about Dorothy Jane's reaction to Riley rejecting her. However, said rejection happens in an episode much earlier in the Season - The Ice Princess was probably supposed to have immediately followed it. And between those two episodes there's also an episode where Dorothy Jane is expecting Riley to ask her to the dance, as if the rejection hasn't happened yet.
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    • Season 1: The Long Goodbye aired as ep. 17 and is about that now school season has ended, summer is here and all of Dorothy Jane's brothers and sisters leave Pyramid Corners for the summer and Kirby says goodbye to leave for Paris. Then 3 more episodes follow and the next episode, The Egg and I, shows Kirby and Dorothy Jane in school together doing an assignment. The Long Goodbye was clearly written as the last episode of Season 1 (especially seeing that also the father of the family shows up to say his last goodbye to everybody), but for whatever reason aired a few episodes earlier.
    • Season 2: A few episodes into the Season, it is established that it's Dorothy Jane's and Chuckie Lee's first day going to school since they're in Seattle. But in the episodes before that, it's already hinted they are going to school already. This episode was probably meant to be the 2nd (after the 1st in which they moved to Seattle) of the Season, but was somehow pushed back.
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  • What Could Have Been: The series's preliminary name was Them Torkelsons before being simplified to just The Torkelsons.

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