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Trivia / The Parkers

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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The show is not available on DVD. However, reruns are shown daily on BET and later UP. As of 2015, there are supposedly plans for a DVD set of the series to arrive in the latter half of 2016.
  • Missing Episode:
    • Not Quite. "Fighting Kim," either through an innocent mistake or an elaborate hoax, is listed on many, many episode lists as the 23rd and final episode of the second season. This episode does not actually exist in any capacity, but due to its prominence on most episode guides, many people are lead to believe that this is an actual missing episode.
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    • The first episode of the third season picks up where the final episode of season 2 left off, making it impossible for another episode to have taken place between them.
  • What Could Have Been: At the end of Moesha, several Cliffhangers (Myles' kidnapping, the positive pregnancy test in the trash at Moesha's apartment, etc.) were originally to be resolved in the 3rd season of The Parkers, but the idea was scrapped, and it was decided to just have characters from Moesha visit The Parkers in several Crossover episodes.

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