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Trivia / The Mighty Hercules

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  • The Other Darrin: A very odd case. The entire cast was replaced early on (at around the eleventh episode), along with some noticeable animation changes to the ring sequence, despite there being no apparent break in production. Jack Mercer (who played a lot of major roles, including Newton and Daedelus) was replaced with Jerry Bascome, and while most sources list only Jimmy Tapp as playing Hercules, his voice clearly changed at the same time, too. The oddest thing was that the voices sometimes changed mid-episode. In "Double Trouble" (the seventh episode), Hercules and Newton's last lines were spoken with their new voices despite using their original ones for most of the episode (and they'd continue using the old voices for the next few episodes), and in "The Clutching Clay Pool", despite being a later episode (44, to be exact), Newton speaks a single sentence in his original voice.

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