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Trivia / The Legend Of Mare Do Well

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  • What Could Have Been: There were many ideas that the author wanted to use but couldn't due to the show getting to them first such as being trapped in a book, entering alternate worlds where the villains win and the Smooze appearing.
    • The human protagonists of My Little Pony 'n Friends would have appeared. Megan was going to be the spirit of the Tree of Harmony while Molly was trapped in the Smooze to act as a seal to keep the creature at bay. Danny was going to be the leader of the Griffon Syndicate having been driven insane by his sister's sacrifice and attempt to use the Elements of Harmony to release the Smooze and save his sister.
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    • The village that Dr. Caballus was hiding out was Paradise Estate and the message Pinkie read there was left behind by the G1 Ponies before they were devoured by the Smooze.
    • Dr. Caballus would have used the mirror pool to create a Knight Templar clone by using the elements and essences of the Mane Six.
    • The Game Marester was going to be Starlight Glimmer who instead of forming her equalist village would find the Game Marester's mask in a cave and was tempted by her spirit who offered to remove her pain from losing her best friend to his cutie mark but Starlight becomes possessed by her spirit instead when she wears her mask.


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