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Trivia / The Joshua Tree

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  • Exposed to the Elements: A real-life example. The band members are pictured on the cover with their coats off, implying it was hot desert weather. In reality it was freezing cold, but for the sake of the desert image they took off these warm coats.
  • Time Marches On: The lonely Joshua tree on the album cover has fallen in 2000. To commemorate its existence a plaque has been placed into the ground, reading "Have you found what you're looking for?"
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  • What Could Have Been: Bono liked the B-sides so much that he wanted to release them in a double album, but the others nixed the idea. He was partly vindicated when a new recording of "The Sweetest Thing" became a hit single in the 1990s. "Wave of Sorrow," meanwhile, sat on the shelf for 20 years because it was considered too good to be a B-side, but the band was never able to properly fit it into an album.
  • Write Who You Know: Word of God says both "The Sweetest Thing" and "Spanish Eyes" were about Bono's wife Ali. Word of God also says the marriage was stormy at the time; can you tell?

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