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  • Acting for Two: The video for "Paranoid". Technically, they are all playing themselves, but Kevin plays a dozen or so copies of himself, and they all actually bump into themselves in a hallway. (It Makes Sense in Context, sort of. Maybe.)
  • Approval of God: Though James Bourne has said he didn't care for the changed lyrics in their version of 'Year 3000,' which is understandable since not a lot of the changed lyrics are that good, he's said that their cover lead to some really good things, like the fact that it lead to their original version being used in The Simpsons. Though Charlie Simpson wasn't quoted on the matter, Matt Willis said he didn't mind their cover, since it paid off his mortgage for several years and he thanked them for getting the song popular overseas. The fact that they happily performed the song with them live at the Capital Summertime Ball in June 2019 clearly shows there's no animosity between the 2 bands.
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  • Big Name Fan: They are themselves fans of Busted (which is how they discovered their music, then arranged to ask for permission to cover "Year 3000" and "What I Go to School For") and Busted's brother band, McFly, which is why they got them to perform their song "Star Girl" live with them back in 2009 when they played Wembley in London.
  • Career Resurrection: The Jonas Brothers had a massive drop in popularity in the 2010's. In 2019, the band made a surprise comeback when their single "Sucker" topped the Hot 100.
  • Cash Cow Franchise
  • Creative Differences: Reportedly broke up the band in 2013. However, they managed to work through them for a reunion in 2019.
  • Creator Backlash: They said in an interview for Big Top 40 that they have some songs they don't look back too fondly on. One specific song is "Don't Charge Me For the Crime" from their 4th album.
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  • Creator Breakdown: Hoo, boy. "A Little Bit Longer", "Black Keys", "Paranoid" and "Take a Breath". And those are just the obvious ones. There are a few others that can be interpreted as this.
  • Old Shame: Their memories on the sitcom Jonas are not favorable. The 2019 documentary Chasing Happiness has them outright state that the show was bad.
  • Production Posse: Anything with them in it will also feature their little brother Frankie and their bodyguard Big Rob.
  • Real-Life Relative: Kevin and Nick's wives Danielle Jonas and Priyanka Chopra and Joe's then-fiancee Sophie Turner appear in the music video for "Sucker".

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