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Trivia / The Flash (2014) S1 E23 "Fast Enough"

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  • What Could Have Been: There were several Deleted Scenes that were on the Season One DVD Boxset mainly:
    • Iris and Joe talking about how much Barry is a a part of their lives and what life would be if he wasn't part of the family.
    • A scene between Cisco and Barry, where Cisco tells Barry how much his life sucked before he went to work at S.T.A.R. Labs and met Barry and how although he wants Barry to save his family he still wishes they could be friends to which Barry replies that the Universe wants them to be bros!
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    • A scene between Joe and Thawne, where Thawne admits that he picked up Wells' conscious including his memories and love for the late Tess Morgan and that he has people in the future that he loves which is why he's so desperate to get back. Joe also goes into Papa Wolf mood telling Thawne that if he hurts Barry anymore he will come after him no matter what time he's in.

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