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Trivia / The Fabulous Moolah

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  • Money, Dear Boy: She got her name when New York promoter Jack Pfefer asked why she wanted to wrestle, and she replied "for the moolah".
  • Promoted Fangirl: She chose the name "Moolah" because she loved money. It was usually the prime motivation for whatever she did, but "Moolah" was an apartment wrestler before turning pro.
  • Troubled Production: Said "production" in this case being the entirety of U.S. women's wrestling, which Moolah had a crippling effect on. Thanks to dubious politicking and other exchanges of favors, she managed to held the NWA Women's Championship for a long, long time (before selling it to the WWF to turn it into their women's title) and made herself the Alpha and Omega of women's wrestling, only creating talent in order to tear them down herself later on. There's also the fact made her trainees pay room and board, took a large cut of their earnings, forbade them from having bank accounts in their own names, and conspired many other ways to keep them poor and dependent. The final insult: she torpedoed the WWF careers of the Glamour Girls and Jumping Bomb Angels, although in that latter case the dispute is whether or not it was ultimately a good thing. Some liked the tag team division or and wanted to see more of Leilani Kai and such. Others are just glad Vince didn't get his fingers in the Japanese industry for too long. In the case of earnings, if she really was taking 25% from women working for Girl Wrestling Enterprises, then she was slightly-less evil than Billy Lee, who took 50%.

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