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Trivia / The Celebration

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  • Closest Thing We Got: Despite being considered the canonical "first" recognised Dogme 95 compliant film (or Dogme #1), Vinterberg admitted to very slightly bending the rules by bringing in a cover for a window in one scene despite outside props being forbidden in the guidelines. However, no one is pedantic enough to take away its canonical place.
  • Enforced Method Acting:
    • Before the actual shooting, the cast lived in the villa for a week to become a psuedo-family, so their reaction to the revelation - which they weren't prepared for - would be more genuine.
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    • The extras playing the party guests were not informed of the speech's content beforehand. After filming the party for so long, they had taken a liking to the genial father figure, so their shocked reactions are genuine. The director noted that most of the extras seemed to go into immediate denial about the allegations, creating an unscripted but fascinating nuance.


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