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Trivia / Tapestry Of Horror

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  • Bonus Material: The competitors, and even non-members, are pretty big on spectator entries. Along with crack stories. It can get somewhat overwhelming if you're not interested in all of the side stories.
  • Fan Nickname: Several. Lorksuot has been called "Lork" and "Lorkie," Syas is "Skulltiger," Yerdua is referred to as "Yerdy," Carlotta is "Carl," Void is "Voidy-poo" and "Who the heck is this," Revenant is "Rev" or "Revvy," and Keigori is often called "Kei."
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  • Real Song Theme Tune: It is commonly accepted that Tapestry of Horror's theme song is The Greatest Show Unearthed by Creature Feature. In fact Word of God is that the song was the inspiration for the OCT.

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