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  • Any one of the spectator entries by the judge Twelve PM qualifies.
  • Smitty apparently has batman pajamas.
  • Kerixa lampshaded the fact that even though the danger zone competitors were not informed of the special condition of their round, in canon Elly specifically told the characters to ask about it. The result was hilarious.
    • Cad's expressions in panels ten and eleven are pretty funny as well.
  • Elly does not appreciate Syas sleeping on the job.
  • The majority of Quincy's round two entry. Drunken Quincy is like a puppy; a stupid, happy puppy who's simpleness endears us.
  • Snowwire's brief cameo of the Hoatzin Vs Uniquex match in round two.
    • And Nim's subsequent reaction. "Good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see~"
  • Any time Yomi tries to flirt.
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  • Ach'm, what the hell are you doing in Chordata's bed?
  • Someone really should get that bone saw away from Jacobin...

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