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  • Follow the Leader: While Storyshift isn't the first Undertale AU with character swaps, it certainly introduced the idea of swapping character roles instead of personality. After Storyshift grew in popularity, a number of similar AUs popped up that had characters with different roles than in Shift 1.
    • Storyshift also popularised sprite comics edited to look like the original Undertale game.
  • What Could Have Been: The reboot was initially planned as a comic, but transferred to its current state after it became too ambitious for its own good.
    • The other shifts outside of 1 became this, as the Tumblr itself states in the story section...
      ...other shifts aren't happening.
    • The layout document for Old Home implies that Boogie was going to be directly encountered again at the end. In the final chapter, Boogie isn't seen at all, though it's still made clear that, yes, they ARE following Frisk.