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  • After defeating Chilldrake and N-Ice Man, Jerry appears in a Totally Radical outfit. Mettacrit's reaction is extremely amusing.
    Mettacrit: Dear GOD. He got worse!?!?!
  • Frosted Fields has a sliding picture styled puzzle at one point in Chara's path. The finished result of the picture has Papyrus and Sans in royal outfits. That's not the funny part. The funny part is the very uncomfortable smile Sans is wearing. He REALLY does not want to be here.
  • While Endogeny is very much Nightmare Fuel, Mettacrit's statement of its stats is likely to get something of a chuckle.
    • The same goes for his statement after Endogeny is sparable.
      Mettacrit: Okay... Okay... I am still not okay with this for the record.
  • Glyde's appearence.
    Glyde: WHOA NOW, what's going on here??
    Glyde: Hey hey, what's the rush kid? Can’t you spare a little time for your old friend Glyde?
    Chara: “Old friend”, come now Glyde. I would hope you would be above recycling lines.
    Glyde: (After backflipping in surprise) Now wait a minute! When did my little roomie get a stunt double?
    Chara: For a little while now.
    Glyde: And you didn’t even tell me, your bestest bestie, about it?
    Chara: ...must have slipped my mind. I’ve got plenty more to tell you if you’re interested.
    Glyde: Hm... new attention or old attention...
    Chara: ...I'll add in high five practice, "bestie."
    Glyde: YOU GOT IT!!
    Chara, to Frisk: (Run while you can.)

  • In the remade version of the Ruins, you aren't greeted by the soulless sociopath known as Flowey. Instead, you're greeted by an apathetic and melancholic flower named "Boogie". Unlike Flowey, who initially hides his true nature behind a cheery facade, Boogie keeps this attitude up even as after they bring you down to 1 HP.
    • To be more specific about it, Boogie blatantly tells you that what they hit you with is a bullet, tells you to dodge it (or not). When you're actually hit with it, they're surprised that it did so much damage... before offhandedly telling you to leave. At the very least, they're not as hostile as Flowey.
  • Papyrus's goofy demeanor is still present, mixing in the moments of heartwarming as you're going through the Ruins with a good dose of hilarity.
  • Chara's introduction. As in the canon universe, they sneak up behind you as you're approaching the bridge and tell you in a very creepy manner to shake their hand. Unlike Sans (who has a whoopee cushion), they have ketchup packets that splatter your hand. Immediately afterwards, they seem to get smitten by Frisk's looks.
    Chara: Greetings the— (pause) Oh hello there pretty mirror! How did you fall down here without a mark on you? Good thing, it would be a shame to see someone like you hurt.
  • Chara and Asriel's first on-screen interaction with one another, particularly from Chara's teasing of Asriel.
    • When Chara reveals you to Asriel.
    Asriel: Anyway, you're hopeless to defeat me alone!
    Chara: Heh heh heh.
    Asriel: (cocks eyebrow) Uh, yeah. You ARE alone out here, right?
    Chara: Hey, mirror, tell Asriel how wrong he is.
    (Shifty pops out.)
    Asriel: (astonished) What?! H-how did you-?!
    Chara: Alone no longer.
  • A while up ahead, Frisk (who just got into an LARP) and Chara encounter Asriel again. Playing as the "God of Hyperdeath", Asriel starts bragging about how well he was trained by the Captain of the Royal Guard. It falls short when he slips up and accidentally refers to her as "Mommie".
  • The sentry station's message.
    "The den of the horrid beast. Do not enter or risk great harm. (Unless you come with treats. Then please leave them here.)"
  • Most of the role-playing between the children is hilarious.
    • The Colored Tile Maze section quickly goes into a Hurricane of Puns when the machine won't work...
      Asriel: (to himself) Come on, work you old—
      Chara: Asriel, you shouldn't stare at it like that. You might make the machine feel sheepish.
      Asriel: (clearly not amused) Chara.
      Chara: Just saying that the times it work won't be so fleecing—if you didn't watch it like a sheep dog.
      Asriel: (irritated) Chara!
      Chara: Out of everything Dad's made, this is the one that never seems to work. A real black sheep if I've ever seen one.
      Asriel: That's not even the right animal!
      Chara: You're right. I shouldn't pull the wool over my partner's eyes.
      Asriel: Uuuugh!!
  • The fight with Papyrus!Asriel is similar to canon!Papyrus. Right down to the threat of a Special Attack...
    Asriel: Anyway! Charging is all done! Here comes my special secret attack!
    (The Bullet Box extends...and Endogeny is seen next to a neon green star.)
    Asriel: ...Uh.
    (Endogeny grabs the star and walks out of the Bullet Box and offscreen)
    Asriel: o_o
    Dialogue Box: What.
    Asriel: O...kay, then...I guess, um, have a normal special attack?
  • Battles tend to be assaults on all the senses.
  • Undyne in Shift 1, who mixes the hot-bloodness of her canon self with Mettaton broadcast antics. Highlights include forcing you to race up with a jar of honey and a can of fish sauce during her cooking show and interrupting her piano recital to throw her piano in your face.
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, Alphys!Asgore's introduction has him interrupting Undyne's fight with Shifty, scolding her for doing so, and then suplexing her through a wall as punishment.
  • Burgerpants, as in canon, works in the food shop at the resort... except since Mettaton is replaced with Undyne in Shift 1, he's now incredibly muscular (apparently Undyne trained him), and goes by the name "Bulgy Pecs". To top it off, most of his hilarious facial expressions are replaced with poses straight out of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Many reactions to the mid-boss in the CORE basically can be summed up as "Voltra actually made Reaper Bird cute?!"
  • One might expect Undyne's second form to be something along the lines of the fan-made Undyne ULTRA. She actually becomes a friggin' magical girl!
    Undyne: In the name of the Underground...(emerges wearing an outfit and striking a pose like Sailor Moon) I WILL DESTROY YOU!
  • In Sans' throne room, for whatever reason, there's a large rock embedded into the ground. The narrator's reaction?
    (Sorry, darling. Got nothing on this one.)
  • Before entering the Barrier's room, Sans suggests a few things for the player to spend his time on:
    Sans: take a nap, start a stupid long board game, rob my house. whatever you want.