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  • The Lesser Dog encounter has Chara join in alongside Frisk. Both humans absolutely lavish Lesser Dog with affection, and Chara in particular is shown smiling for the first time so far. The encounter even leads Chara to admit that maybe Frisk has good in them after all.

  • On certain aspects, this Alternate Universe is even more heartwarming than the canon universe. At least as far as the Dreemur family is concerned. In Shift 1, the family is still full. Asriel is alive. Toriel's and Asgore's relationship is tainted, but not as much as the one of their canon counterparts, and given that they have taken the roles of Undyne and Alphys we can assume that they will patch things up in a True Pacifist ending. And Chara is a good guy here. If they share the same backstory as the one of their canon counterpart, it means that in this universe they gave up their hatred of humanity and their thirst of revenge because of their love for their adoptive family.
    Chara: "Dad's so smart, Mom's a captain and my brother's just the best. Isn't my family the coolest?"
    • Toriel giving a hug to Asriel while the latter breaks down crying after asking her if she will try to see Asgore and patch things up so they can all be together again. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
    • Given the fact that Asriel and Chara are still alive, seeing some details like Asgore's "Mr Dad Guy" sweater is even more heartwarming than in the canon universe.
    • Apparently, Asgore spends part of his time creating devices to help Chara and Asriel play "Human and Monsters".
    • They built snowmen of one another; Chara's says "By Asriel" and Asriel's says "By Chara.
    • The fact that Chara and Asriel forgave their father for the incident with the Amalgamates.
    • Even though it ends on a Tearjerker with Chara's and Asriel's argument, Chara is fiercely protective towards their father and the Amalgamates, defending them during their live chat with Asriel. Chara's pseudo counts too. It's "togore".
  • The "date" with Asriel. The little Ship Tease with him doesn't hurt either.
  • Contrary to Undyne, Undyne!Toriel doesn't want to take the humans' souls. She wants to save them from Sans. Just like she did with Chara. Sadly, by the time she knew what was going on, only Chara could be saved.
    • In the same vein, her first reaction when you start her "date" is to ask you if you changed your mind and want to stay with her family. Sadly (again), this is not the case.
  • Toriel routinely visits the Wishing Room and helps out with some of the smaller wishes. And her own wish is for her children to grow up strong and safe...and that Gorey is well, too.
  • The fate of the Amalgamates in Shift 1, as it's implied that Asgore decided to own up to his mistakes and didn't try to hide the Amalgamates. Therefore, they are out in the open and living alongside their component's families. Endogeny is seen playing poker with Lesser Dog when Shifty goes with Chara at Grillby's and Lemonbread is Shyren's protective sister.
    • Taken up to eleven with Reaper Bird, A.k.a Corinthian. Not only is it alive and well in the Core, it actually stabilized into a bird-like monster. Even the Everyman is doing much better, as none of Corinthian's attacks involve subjecting it to Body Horror. It even heals Shifty at the end of the fight, apologising for attacking them and explaining that they simply have problems handling their new territorial instincts. Their full stabalization is symbolized by their eye reforming into a more normal one and being able to speak normally in unison.
  • The fact that Asgore is Undyne's Parental Substitute in Shift 1.
    Undyne's poster in Asgore's bedroom: "Thanks for being the dad I never knew could be real."
  • Sans!Chara's date scene is full of both Heartwarming and Tearjerker moments but the big two are the end of their story when they realized the love their family gives is real and when they get ready to leave they turn to tell Frisk that they're on their side no matter what happens. As is their decision to become the protector of the other monsters to repay them for their kindness. Or the fact that the end of the date implies that they will go see Asriel and patch things up with him after their argument.
    • It's especially heartwarming when you consider that, unlike the original date there's no "You'd be dead where you stand" line. No Mood Whiplash, no death threats, no Nightmare Face, just Chara admitting that they find it easy to open up to you.
  • One of the reasons why Mettaton!Undyne tries to take Shifty's SOUL is because Asgore, who's been Driven to Suicide after what happened with the Amalgamates and his estrangement with Toriel, is planning to give his own SOUL to allow Shifty to go home. Undyne doesn't want him to die because of his guilt and therefore wants to break the Barrier herself before he does it.
  • Check the mirror in New Home during a Pacifist run and you get:
    Narration: You're doing just fine. Chin up, sweetheart.
  • In Shift 1. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker, but in the King's mess of a bedroom, there's only one thing that's well cleaned. A framed letter of his brother.
    Papyrus: "Sans, I know you want to slack off. Again. But the fact is you are a king. The people come first! They are what keep you going!! I believe in you Sans! You're a great brother after all. Now will you please get out of bed and work!!"
    Narrator: "You notice how clean the frame and glass is. ..."
  • In a pacifist run, you meet Sans!Chara in the Hall of Judgment. Chara calmly states that they can see all the lines of data that make up the game before judging you based on your EXP and LOVE. Having never increased either stat, Chara will unambiguously state that they're So Proud of You.