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Trivia / Steven Universe S5E19 "Now We're Only Falling Apart"

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  • Jossed:
    • There were people who assumed that Pearl and Steven were going to have to fuse in order to protect themselves from Sapphire's ice powers. It turns out to not be the case at all, as the majority of the episode is a flashback telling the story about Pink Diamond and Pearl.
    • Other people thought Sapphire was not only going to leave Earth, but find a way back to Homeworld and sell the Crystal Gems out to the Diamonds in exchange for her old position.
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  • Short Run in Peru: Subverted; this episode was going to air among the eight planned in April 8th and 9th in France, nearly three months before its airing in America, only to be pulled from the schedule at the last minute.
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise: In February 2018, 3D foam keyrings were showcased at the New York Toy Fair, one of them being Pink's initial form for Rose Quartz.
  • Word of God: After many fans voiced concern about the potential Unfortunate Implications of Pearl having to obey every order from Pink Diamond and thus potentially having never actually acted of her own initiative, Joe Johnson stated that she had to specifically say she was giving an order for this to take effect, and the likes of "Please don't ever stop" didn't affect Pearl's autonomy.


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