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Trivia / Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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  • Follow the Leader: The primary antagonists are alien eldritch abominations that are named after angels and whose goal is to wipe out all life. The backstory involves an apocalyptic event that severely altered the planet and put the future of the human race in jeopardy, with the powers of the world uniting and taking special measures to ensure humanity's survival. Finally, some of the main characters are "special" youngsters that are specifically chosen to perform a task upon with the fate of humanity rests. At least they're not in giant robots.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Both involving Edge in Japanese:
    • Kurumu finally gets to be the first girl and win Tsukune, and she didn't need her succubus wiles this time.
    • Edge and Faize's relationship here is effectively the reverse of Van and Raven: here, they start as friends and allies but become enemies towards the end.
  • Talking to Herself: Any interaction between Reimi and Welch (English version only).


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