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The Game:

  • Defictionalization: A physical deck of cards was made with the designs for the original Microsoft Solitaire, taking it full circle.
  • Dummied Out: In the XP version, text reveals that using .bmp files for backgrounds was possible. This got added in Windows 8's Solitaire Collection, and you can also add effects, card styles, and card images.
  • Port Overdosed: There are lots of versions of various patience/solitaire games available for every computer, long before Microsoft created their own version. They were some of the first computer games developed because card games were easy to represent in the computer and the computer versions eliminated the tedium of shuffling and dealing for each new game.
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  • She Also Did: Susan Kare, the artist who designed the icons on the original Apple Macintosh, designed the card deck for the first Microsoft Solitaire game in 1990.
  • What Could Have Been: Microsoft's Solitare had a Boss Button before release, according to this interview, but it didn't get past management.


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