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Trivia / Namie Amuro

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  • Breakup Breakout: Subverted. She was the Breakout Character within the Super Monkey's and went on to have much more success as a solo artist than the group had - but the Super Monkey's also became much more successful once Namie left and they rebranded as MAX, and went on to be one of the biggest Japanese girl groups of the late nineties.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • "Put 'Em Up" was first recorded as a duet with Chili of TLC and planned to be released in 2000, but it was cancelled as Amuro felt the original lyrics were too "harsh" and clashed with her public image at the time. A rewritten, solo version of the song was later released in 2003.
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    • In 2012, her planned 20th anniversary concert in her hometown of Naha, Okinawa was cancelled due to a typhoon warning and was never rescheduled. However, her 25th anniversary concert was held successfully there in 2017.
    • Her retirement from the music industry in 2018 offers an odd reverse case of this. Amuro has stated in interviews that she had actually planned to retire in 2012 rather than 2018, but was unable to do so due to Executive Meddling. Had she been able to, all of her post-2012 material including the albums Feel and Genic would probably have never been recorded.