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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only the first 28 issues have been reprinted via the Marvel Masterworks series, and it's uncertain when or if more issues will be rereleased.
  • Milestone Celebration: On the 70th anniversary of this series, issue #1 was reprinted on it's own as a hardcover 70th anniversary edition.
    • Reprinted again for the 80th anniversary, this edition includes the original comic, the 70th anniversary version with upgraded coloring, an issue of Marvels that retells the story of the original Human Torch, and an essay or two.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The original Sub-Mariner story was intended to be a standalone story, released as part of an aborted comic series called Motion Picture Funnies Weekly, and was only 8 pages long. The comic never took off, so Bill Everett took the story to Timely and included it as part of the anthology, adding four more pages to the story.
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    • There was a brief point where Timely did consider changing their name to Marvel to coincide with this comic, but the change didn't stick—it would be a couple more decades before they really would change their name to Marvel Comics.

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