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Trivia / Life Before Man

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  • Follow the Leader: Burian's paintings represented a foundation on which many imitators stood.
  • Science Marches On: Yeah, it's a paleontology book from the '70s, compiling a list on what's outdated would be pointless. Lets just say that it would be almost as long as the book itself. However a few key points can be singled out:
    • The birds aren't related to dinosaurs, instead they evolved from the purely made-up critter Proavis.
    • Defying the laws of physics, sauropods are happy swamp-dwellers.
    • Hadrosaurs seek refuge from theropods in the water, who for some reason are repelled by the stuff.
    • Plesiosaurs have bendy necks.
    • Pterosaurs rest by hanging upside down like bats.
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    • Ankylosaurs look like armored salamanders. And Scolosaurus has a pair of spikes on its tail club
    • Many dinosaurs are tail-draggers.
    • However this is also Lampshaded in the art, as many of the pictures are updated, corrected versions of Burian's older works.

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