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Trivia / Junebug

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  • Actor-Shared Background: Madelline has lived in America and South Africa alternately, just like her actress Embeth Davidtz. This is one of the few roles where she gets to use her native South African accent, as opposed to being a Fake Brit or Fake American.
  • No Budget: The film was made for $1 million.
  • The Other Marty: Embeth Davidtz was a last minute replacement, and only arrived on set one day before filming began. Who she replaced is unknown, but some sources say Connie Nielsen.
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  • Playing Against Type: Early in her career, Amy Adams usually played villains or Alpha Bitches, so this kind of role was against type for her at the time, although after Junebug and Enchanted it became her new type for a while.
  • Sleeper Hit: With no major studio to campaign for it, it's quite surprising that Amy Adams - then an unknown actress - received an Oscar nomination. It also took in a respectable $3 million at the Box Office.

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