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Trivia / Horrendous Disc

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  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition:
    • The 2007 reissue of the album could have been something really impressive, considering all the bonus tracks it had, many of which had never been released anywhere else. Unfortunately, it was a cheap reissue on CD-Rís, with home computer-printed liner notes.
    • DA and Solid Rock Records ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign in February 2017 to release a proper "ultra deluxe" reissue, which came out in 2018. The double-LP (with a whole second disc of just bonus tracks) is the least extravagant version. It's also available as a five-disc vinyl box set (the original album, two LP's of bonus tracks, an EP, and a picture-disc single), or as a five-CD box set (the original album, three discs of cut songs and alternate versions, and an entire live show from 1979). Those who supported the crowdfunding campaign could get versions missing one or two of the bonus discs—or shell out for even more swag, like stickers or DA guitar picks, inside the box.