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Trivia / Hellsinker

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  • Cut Song: The game has a fair number of tracks hidden in the games files that seem to never have made the final cut. While some of them are incomplete and some just simple remixes of some songs, others are more complex original songs and remixes. This one, for example, sounds like it was to be used as a stage theme.
  • Fan Nickname: The Level 2 Final Boss's official name is garbled, so fans have taken it to calling it "Glitched Kaleidoscope" (in theme with the Level 1 final boss's name, "Kaleidoscope").
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  • What Could Have Been: In the game's files, there are several unused sprites and music tracks, hinting of possibly more alternate stages and one more member in the Shrine of Farewell. But for whatever reason, they got cut from the final game.


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