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Trivia / Funny You Should Ask

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  • Descended Creator: Byron Allen is often one of the panelists. Jodi Miller, head content producer, also appears on the panel from time to time.
  • Milestone Celebration: For the 100th episode, the top prize was bumped up to $15,000. It was not won, the contestant missing the third and final question.
    • The 200th episode saw the top prize increase to $20,000. Sadly, that contestant was felled by the third question too.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: Season 1 used Pharrell Williams' 2013 hit 'Happy'. Averted from season 2 onward, which uses an instrumental soundalike.
  • Similarly Named Works: Another game show with the same title aired in 1968. Despite having a VERY similar set layout, the two shows are played completely differently.

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