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The 2005 film

  • Life Imitates Art: Towards the end of the film with the Sox down three games to none in the American League Championship Series, a deficit no team in baseball history had ever overcome in any playoff series, some of Ben's friends are pissed the Sox players don't seem as despondent as they are. Ben realizes that the players continuing to live their lives even while facing said situation professionally spoke more to them having a better sense of their reality than obsessive fans like themselves. Sure enough, the Sox rally to win the ALCS in historic fashion, and eventually, the World Series in a dominant sweep. Fast forward to 2007, the Sox go down 3 games to 1 to Cleveland in the ALCS, and star slugger Manny Ramirez casually played it off in the press, saying there was no reason to panic and even if they did lose, "it's not the end of the world". Some local fans and baseball pundits crushed the often-carefree Ramirez in the press for seeming to not to care about the situation, but his teammates and front office praised Ramirez's coolness when the team needed it, and once again, the Sox rallied to win the series and sweep their opponent in the World Series in dominant fashion.

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