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Trivia / Evolution: The World of Sacred Device

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  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game was originally planned for the Sega Saturn and was even shown off in the official Sega Saturn Magazine. The game looked reminiscent of the final, but with rougher character models. Interestingly, Mag's eyes in early screenshots match their look in the FM Vs rather than during gameplay.
    • Concept art released for the game shows a few potential directions it could have gone.
      • Pannam Town is shown to be a somewhat larger town on a hillside with the ocean visible in the distance (while Pannam does have a port in the final version, the town itself is landlocked). The concept of a larger town as the hub would be used for the sequel.
      • The Airacomet had a different design, less like a Swiss Army Appendage and more like a vague arm. Another set of artwork shows the familiar design, but portrays it as red and shows it wielding a sword.
      • A piece of art depicts Mag, Linear and Gre in a car whilst being chased by an airship, with Mag using the airacomet (which has some sort of airplane rotor) to repel enemy fire. This might indicate that, originally, the 8th Imperial Army had an airship rather than the cruiser that they have in the final game.
      • A render seen in Sega Saturn Magazine depicts Linear with white hair, rather than the blonde hair she has everywhere else. This might have inspired part of Yurka's design in Evolution 2.

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