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Trivia / Disgorge

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  • Development Hell: Hymns of the Fallen has involved years and years of writing and rewriting; it was originally going to be titled ...And the Weak Shall Perish until they scrapped the entire album and wrote a whole new set of songs. Myers posted some rough preproduction tracks in 2016, which gave fans hope, but between his work with Suffocation and Sanchez having a kid, its status is in limbo once again.
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  • Name's the Same: There are plenty of other bands named Disgorge, namely, the Mexican deathgrind one.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Angel Ochoa (of Condemned and Cephalotripsy fame) decided to start doing vocals thanks to Matti Way's performances on Cranial Impalement and She Lay Gutted and later became Disgorge's vocalist.
  • What Could Have Been: Derek Boyer of Suffocation was asked to join Disgorge post-hiatus. Originally, he accepted, but had to back out due to the tight schedule.