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Trivia / Chris Colorado

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  • Fan Nickname: Chris Colorado was voiced by "The Goku Guy", Richard Julian was voiced by "Big Green", Rebecca Wong was voiced by "Clearin", Jenifer Julian was voiced by "Blooma", Thanatos (and just about everybody else) was voiced by "The Old Bastard" while "That guy trying too hard to sound cool" is entirely absent. note 
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The show only ever came out to DVD in a small quantity, and is practically impossible to come by in stores today.
  • Talking To Themselves: The English dub only used a total of 5 actors: David Gasman, Paul Bandey, Ed Marcus, Sharon Mann and Jodie Forrest so naturally this occurs very often. A few examples would be Chris and Vladmir, Richard Julian and Chippowok, Sam and Captain Mitchell.

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