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Trivia / Blood Fest

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  • The Cameo: As is often the case with Rooster Teeth productions, several members appear in bit roles:
    • Gavin Free and Geoff Ramsey are two of the first shown victims.
    • Adam Ellis is the Bloodfest version of The Arbourist.
    • Gus Sorola had a cameo as someone trying to find parking at Bloodfest, but it was cut for pacing reasons.
    • Frequent Rooster Teeth collaborator Samantha Ireland plays Dax's mother.
    • Funhaus member Elyse Willems is a girl who livestreams her own murder.
    • Blaine Gibson is a bro who is lured in and attacked by 'vampires'.
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    • Christina Parrish is a fake 911 operator.
    • Jessica Vasami is a TV interviewer who discusses horror with Dr Conway.
  • Descended Creator: Big Bad Anthony Walsh is played by the film's writer and director Owen Egerton.
  • Fake American: Dax is portrayed by the British Robbie Kay.
  • Shout-Out: A Five Nights at Freddy's poster can be seen in the video store when Dax is plotting on how to get to Bloodfest.


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