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  • Creator's Favorite: Astringe (the artist, not the author), has admitted his favorite character in the entire story is Babs Seed. Since the artist also has little to no input on the story, there's little chance she'll become a Creator's Pet.
  • Orphaned Reference: Pinstripe and Sandback get much more characterization than the other R.E.A.F. fliers because originally they were to be part of Merrilay's Terrible Trio (See What Could Have Been below).
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  • Shown Their Work: The author has apparently done a lot of research for this story. Rainbow Dash's method of training is a very real thing, Stormfront operating in two-man fireteams is exactly how the Canadian Armed Forces behaves during attacks, Apple Bloom's weapon lacking the punch to shoot out a lock, Silver Spoon laying in an "inequine" shape is a real camouflaging technique, and even the train-jumping technique are all very realistically portrayed.
  • Teasing Creator: The author never gives a straight answer when asked questions in the comments, and tends to give answers that raise even more questions.
  • What Could Have Been: Word of God is that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo's first encounter in the story was going to be when Scootaloo lost her eye, but the author thought that was too dark and moved back when she lost the eye.
    • Word of God also states that Apple Bloom was originally going to have been raised by humans, but felt that the presence of humans completely changed the nature of the story, so changed it.
    • Originally, Merrilay was going to be part of a Terrible Trio of R.E.A.F. officers, who would balance out Lightning Dust's more aggressive, psychotic personality. Except that the author realized that that would be too OOC a leap from Lightning's personality on the show; combined with being unable to cram in that many new characters, Merrilay's comrades were cut, and she was given the psychotic personality opposite Lightning's more sympathetic character.
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    • One off-hand comment mentioned that Sweetie Belle was originally planned to be a full-fledged villain.
    • Originally Chapter 39, rather than having the escape by Magitek truck, was instead a slow stealth-based escape. After having wrote it, the author scrapped it in favor of "Michael Baying the hell out of it."

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