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Trivia / Arrow S 5 E 16 Checkmate

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  • I Knew It!: Many fans had called it that Talia was the woman in Russia who trained Prometheus (because there wasn't any other women in Russia who Oliver knew). But many were surprised that she deliberately trained him to get revenge on Oliver, many assumed that she hated her dad just as much as her sister did.
  • Recycled Script: With The Reveal that Talia is the true villain of season 5 this seasons plotline is reminiscent of Arrow season 2. For the majority of the season it's believed that a masked heavy, who is revealed to be a supposed friend of Oliver, is the true Big Bad of the season. Then it's revealed over halfway through the season that the true Big Bad is actually a former friend and mentor of Oliver who has decided to destroy his life because his actions let to the death of someone they loved.

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