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Trivia / Angel S02 E18: "Dead End"

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  • The Cast Showoff: "L.A. Song", the song Lindsey sings at Caritas, was written by Christian Kane and producer David Greenwalt. The guitar was recorded with Steve Carlson playing, but Kane is actually singing.
  • Completely Different Title: German: Die Hand des Bösen (The Hand of Evil)
  • Deleted Scene: A scene in which Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn observing Angel after his night out with Lindsey for signs of reversion to the dark side was cut for length:
    Gunn: How you doin'?
    Angel: (so dark and grim) How am I doing'? How am I doin'? How's it look like I'm doin'?
    (The three exchange a look: uh-oh)''
    Wesley: need to get a grip on yourself.
    Angel: No, I need to get a grip on...(grabs Wes)!
    (I’m not saying Wes hollers like a girl as Angel bursts out laughing)
    Angel: That was so great, the look on your faces.
    Cordelia: That was not great. There was no greatness about that.
    (She hits him with a book or something)
    Angel: What, I can’t have any fun?
    Gunn: Didn’t fool me.
    (Gunn slips the stake he had in his hand back under the reception desk).


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