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  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: She does not work on one project, as we can tell with multiple schedule slips and hiatuses. She is rather distracted.
  • Author Phobia: She's afraid of nuclear wars and wars in general, as was shown in the latter bits of the Gensokyo 20XX series and and several stories in the Madgie series.
    • From what we can get from the Spider-web poem, she's arachnophobic much like the subject is.
  • Based on a Dream: Second Story Window, which was based off of, in her words, a "weird as hell dream", said dream concerning a mentally but abusive mother and her children attempting suicide to get away from her, and Parted Ways, which was based off of a dream about a girl and her cat.
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  • Creator Breakdown: She seems to write based on she feels or what may be going at the time, in which case, the more upset she is, the darker her works. This would also apply to whatever she creates from her obsessive intrusive thoughts.
  • Doing It for the Art: She writes and draws mostly for her own enjoyment.
  • No Budget: Unless its art or photo related, she uses whatever is free.
  • Reality Subtext: Broken Gate was written based off a situation she lived in
    • The "rat poison and Reimu" situation in Gensokyo 20XXV was based on an incident where she found her nephew with Windex and the incident "struck her funny" Note .
    Amoridere: Once, my nephew got a hold of Windex and it struck me funny. Couldn't get the thought out of my head."
    • It would be safe to assume that The Story of a Disfigured Princess was written out of frustration towards a couple of her family members.
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    • The poem Bitten by the Snake, mentions this in the description.
    • The poem Maggots, as the description says, is based off of the time where the authoress encountered maggots.
    • Spider-web was based off of the morning she found a (large) spiderweb in her doorway and her reaction.
    • The poem Chaotic Indifference was based off of a conversation with her therapist.
  • Reclusive Artist: Her real name isn't known (other than her first name initial and her last name) and we don't know too much of what she looks like (the photos with herself in them don't show her face), however, we do know she is living most of her life as Hikikomori and tends to keep social contact to minimum but is fairly open to answering questions, as well as taking requests, though for the latter, she'd prefer that to be at a minimum as she is often busy. According to her photos and what she says, she also resides in Ohio (specifically, the Southwestern area).
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  • Schedule Slip: Her works often have a long time between chapters/installments, usually because she works on many projects, having to come up with ideas, technological issues, life events, chapters taking a long time to write, and, apparently, she doesn't have internet at her home besides a mobile hotspot (according to an author's note and a status update on her deviantArt page).
  • Talking to Herself: Any speaking parts in Kill la Kill AU are done by her and only her.
  • Tuckerization: Her character "Brownie" was named after a childhood pet dog and Jinx, Spinner, Jaynine, and Sunflower (otherwise called "Sunnie") were named after her pikachu toys.
    • From what could be seen, she named some of her characters after flowers she probably saw in a perennial book.
  • The Wiki Rule: Apparently, she makes wikis in her spare time, if Killerbunnies is a clue.
  • Word of God: She is candid and will confirm anything, if asked.
  • Writer's Block: Why she tends to take awhile to update any series or stories
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: "Some ideas show up and I just run with them." as she put it. She also writes along to what she might be saying at the time.
  • Write What You Know: She'll base her writing off of what she already knows or what she's experienced.
  • Write Who You Know: She bases characters off of people she knows, especially if said characters are babies.
    • She once did a tumblr entry on this [1].
    Amo: "The best thing about writing is that you can vent your anger about a person...."

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