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The timeline for Knights of the Dinner Table is difficult to work with since single issue frequently present stories from varying points in series time. However, certain events are clearly timed (most notably Gary Cons) and other events related to these are mentioned and from this a timeline can be constructed, although it does have some contradictions.

  • 1942: Release of "Bambi", which Bob saw as a child (although possibly not at the cinema)
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  • 1953: Recorded birth of Gary Jackson.
  • 1964: If Newt's information in #44 is correct, birth of Stevil.
  • 1966: Based on 1977, earliest possible date for birth of B.A.
  • 1969: Brian born after this date, due to his mention of Excalibur (1981) coming out when he was young.
  • 1976: According to history summaries, B.A. founded the Knights of the Dinner Table.
  • 1977: First release of Hackmaster. Weird Pete cashes out his Hard Eight stock and opens his store. Newt was born after this date, since Stevil states that he was born after Space 1999 ended, which occurred in 1977. B.A. was "working on an adventure" at the age of 11, so he turns 11 this year or later. Weird Pete runs Brian's first game.
  • 1978: Brian takes third place in Saginaw RPG Tournament. Bob's Hiram Kelley Metal Rage mini manufactured. Garycon 78: The "slap heard round the con" incident in which Gary Jackson was slapped by Nitro.
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  • 1979: Weird Pete running a SAT prep centre. Freddy Ruckles, an "original Blackhand", is the first to exceed 3rd level in Pete's campaign world, Blackhawk.
  • 1982: Weird Pete's Hackersnacks packs expired.
  • 1984: Jo Jo Zeke joins Hard 8
  • 1985: Gordo is studying a Chemical Engineering degree at BSU. Switch is involved in theft of farm equipment, arrested, and becomes an informer.
  • 1986: Gary Jackson started to refuse autographs. Bob's mum bought him a set of mood dice; both Brian and B.A. were in the Knights of the Dinner Table at the time.
  • 1987: Brian attends Hackmaster camp. Fugueson's Folly Bob, and later a group, lost in the Muncie steam tunnels. On Jan 5th, an explosion in the steam tunnels earns Victor the nickname Nitro. 40 Acre Thicket adventure released. Johnny Kizinski plays in the finals at Garycon 87.
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  • 1989: Garycon 89. "The Incident" occurs which causes Brian to quit playing for a short period, then give up gamemastering.
  • 1991: Timmy Jackson born.
  • 1994: "The People vs Monty" trial: Flak Jack joins the blackhands at some point after this. Hackcon 94: Newt and Nitro attended, and Gary Jackson played a female character. Garycon 94: the Knights attend, although Sara is not yet in the group and Bob and Dave had not been to a convention before (they ended up just playing with each other). Hacktourney 94: Sheila kills 3 PCs to claim her character's Hackmaster sword. The Knights did not reach the final four in a tournament between 1994 and 1999.
  • 1995: The Great Coupon Wars involved BA, Bob, Brian, Sara, Nitro, Weird Pete, and Stevil.
  • 1996: The Great Card Crash: Spelljacked cards full in value. Hackcon 96: B.A. kills off Newt's character, earning his enmity.
  • 1997: Hackcon Muncie: Bob attacks Nitro for touching his dice. Earl Slackmozer moves to Muncie and causes the Knights to be temporarily disbanded by challenging B.A. for the status of gamemaster.
  • 1998: Hackcon 98: Cody Winkle is thrown into a dumpster behind the site. Bob, Brian and Dave go as a group. Sara is a member of the Knights. B.A. meets Earl Slackmozer in person for the first time. Nitro's Revenge: Nitro fakes a letter to Bob inviting him to a LARP at Hang Wallers in revenge for the attack at Hackcon Muncie. The Knights, excluding Sara, are beaten up by Crutch and Switch. Newt joins the Blackhands.
  • 1999: Flak Jack visits Muncie and the Blackhands play at Hawg Waller's; this results in Crutch's first game. Timmy Jackson is age 8 and releases a Heroes and Zeroes supplement.
  • 2000: Gary Jackson fakes his death. A "Grudge Match" between AICH and the Slacker Coalition ends with Sara owning the Untouchable Trio's characters. Newt states that Stevil is 36 this year.
  • 2001: Recorded date of "death" of Gary Jackson.
  • 2004: Weird Pete's basement flooded. Brian locked in his own basement. A second wave of Hacker Snacks appears to have been released.
  • 2009: Garycon 09: Sara sees Gary Jackson incognito at the con. Nitro loses his Gamemaster status as punishment for advertising his military LARP as a Hackmaster event.

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