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Tearjerker / The Kite Runner

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  • The scene where Hassan is raped and the references to it throughout the book, as well as Amir's obvious guilt over it
  • When Baba dies.
  • What happened to Sohrab when he was in the hands of Assef. Pretty much everything that happens to Sohrab, from sexual abuse to suicide attempt.
  • For you, a thousand times over. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Hassan's death, for obvious reasons. How Amir couldn't see him one more time and apologize. It's even worse because before dying he wrote to him an affectionate letter and had always spoke highly of Amir to his son.
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  • Hassan's mother's return and how he forgives her for having abandoned him, the relationship they manage to repair and how her little grandson becomes the centre of her life. It's a far cry from the beautiful and tumultuous young woman she's said to have been.


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