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Tearjerker / Ronja the Robber's Daughter

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  • Mattis' reaction to Skalle-Per's death, remembered as 'the' description of grief in Sweden. Tellingly, the clip from the movie was used by the Swedish Public Channel when they reported Astrid Lindgren's death back in 2002.
    "He has always been here! And now he isn't here anymore!"
    "Mattis, you know that no-one is allowed to exist forever. We are born and we die, that is how it has always been."
    "But I miss him!" screamed Mattis. "I miss him so much that it cuts into my chest!"
    "Do you want me to hold you for a while?", Lovis asked.
    "Yes, do that! And you too, Ronja."
    Then he sat there, leaning first against Lovis, then agains Ronja and wept out his grief over Skalle-Per, who had always been a part of his life and who now didn't exist anymore.

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