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Tear Jerker / The Roman Mysteries

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The Thieves of Ostia

  • When Flavia brings Nubia home from the slave market, she discovers that she shrinks back from sudden movements. She remembers that her dog acted similarly after being abused by his previous owner.
  • When Flavia visits the room of Avita Procula, a young girl who died after contracting rabies from a dog bite.
    "Flavia and Lupus gazed at the portrait of Avita...The face gazing back at them seemed so cheerful and alert that Flavia's throat tightened painfully: for the first time she really felt the tragedy of the girl's death."
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  • Publius Avitus Proculus's suicide.

The Secrets of Vesuvius

  • Lupus watching the figure of Clio as he and Vulcan row away to find help.
  • The death of Pliny the Elder, based closely on the Real Life account.

The Pirates of Pompeii

  • The scene with Lupus at the funeral pyre.
  • When Flavia and Nubia find Leda in Pulchra's cedar chest, beaten and too afraid to take Flavia's handkerchief in case she's accused of stealing it.

The Assassins of Rome

  • Jonathan, after being branded, enslaved, and with the revelation that his Mother has been alive in Rome the whole time and is possibly the lover of the Emperor, is given a kitten by his new friend Rizpah.
    "Jonathan cupped the tiny creature in his hands and held it close to his filthy black tunic. As the kitten felt the warmth of his body and the beating of his heart it began to purr.
    'It's impossible,' whispered Jonathan, shaking his head.
    'What's impossible.'
    'That something this tiny could make a noise so loud.'
    And then, at last, he wept."

The Dolphins of Laurentum

  • The revelation of how Lupus lost his tongue and his parents.
  • Venalicius's death scene. Many of those present find it too horrific to watch, and he spends it alternating between crying out in pain and for forgiveness.
  • Lupus finding it in him to forgive Venalicius, and breaking down in tears afterwards.
    "Tears of relief, because his burden had been so great, and he was only a boy."

The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina

  • The death of Cartilia, just as she'd started becoming a mother figure to Flavia.

The Gladiators from Capua

  • Flavia, Nubia and Lupus holding a funeral for their friend Jonathan.
  • Upon the revelation that both Jonathan and her brother Taharqo are alive and fighting as gladiators, Nubia must choose the one she sets free as her prize. Her despair when both refuse the offer, with Jonathan not even acknowledging that he recognises his friends, is heartbreaking.

The Slavegirl of Jerusalem

  • The funeral of Miriam.

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