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Tearjerker / Make a Good Level X

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  • The very last postgame level in the first contest. Let's see ... the level designer Black DS calls himself "a fan of raocow who feels really bad". The level is a ghost house level which ends with the Boo stating himself as the creator who states that he "had unfinished business with talkhaus, but it's alright now" - oh, and sad music with "sometimes you just grow up" is playing in the background as well.
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  • Sad Skillfull Military Base from the second contest, which was controversial because of it. In the level, it features a room of "sad cats". Among them, next to the author's cat (which passed away), was a picture of Gaston, raocow's cat (who passed away in 2010). During raocow's playthrough, you can tell the second he stops laughing and starts sobbing.
  • "Mountain Disaster" has a hidden memorial to the level maker's friend, who passed away while the level was being made. The room is a silent room, minus the level maker talking, and the only thing in the room is a giant picture of the friend and 2 1-UPs.

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