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    MAGL X 1 
  • Grass Way Plains, a completely silent level that takes about 10 seconds to beat.
  • This gem in "It's a SMB 3 Level, Except More Stupid":
    Bill Blaster: it's block.ANDIT DOESNT DO ANYTHING YOU WILL
  • Mission: Proud Sky. All of it.
  • VERSUS DISGRUNTLEDGAMMLER, a level that pits you in a boss fight against...the level maker's face.
  • "Toad House", a joke level that depicts Toad as an angry old man that kills everyone with guns and flamethrowers. As Horikawa puts it in her comment:
  • In "Bowser's Oldest Fortress", a grave lies towards the end reads "RIP Grandpa Bowser. Please do not dig".
  • Towards the end of "Dudes", there is a huge line of Koopas on a slope. Slide down and you'll start racking up points...then a Dude kills your 1-UP. One enemy away from it.
  • 'Swimming in the Sinking Ocean' would've just been regarded as a tediously long and unforgiving level if it wasn't for the antics of the Palmtree Stealing Koopa and his family, including a daughter that only roars.
  • After finishing the postgame, Horikawa says "now gtfo my ship and go play a2mbxt or something dude".

    MAGL X 2 
  • "vs.pewdiepie", an epic three-phase battle against PewDiePie. Who is just a resprited Birdo.
    "OK OK!You beat me!Take my star and subscribe!"
  • "Behold, There is a Presentation! Deceive!"
    Whoops, I forgot to make a level! Sorry about that, here, have some hentai to make up for it.
  • The ending of "Dude, I Just Saw a Horse in the Scarlet Devil Mansion! I Gotta Tell My Dad!":
    thank you mario
    but your dad is in another castle
  • ''Morton Koopa and Gary Oak Meet at Last'', a Joke Level which starts off normally, but ends up with Mario accidentally interrupting a Pokemon style battle between Morton and Gary, with Mario stomping on Gary Oak.
  • Any cutscene from "Demonic Gathering". Especially punctuated by the typos and formatting errors. Some notable gems:
    'WHAT THE CRAP!!' The chief says furiously. He slams his fist on the table creating a small earthquake, but only on the table.

    "Can you arrest me if I do this??? [Umbra] says as he jumps the heck out of the window Umbra proceeds to fly in a straight diagonal line through a glass container

    Bowser was laughing because he had an AK-47 and Luigi didn't

    "what the? YOU CAN'T ARREST A COP!!" The cops yell
  • The ironic fact that the first place level, paradise earned by Ignoritus had the infamous "I hope I win" (usually associated with Joke Level entries in past contests) joke at the end.


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